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Freestyle Dressage to Music Made Easy

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Our Philosophy...

We believe a great freestyle dressage to music test will involve the audience, will capture the imagination of those watching and will allow people an insight into the special and very individual relationship that riders share with their horse.

The performance should allow the combination to show off their strengths, to have a bit of fun or to borrow from the Queen of Pop to “Express themselves”.

Pure dressage is about assessing the horse’s training and ability; marks are awarded for the quality of the horse’s work as well as the rider’s accuracy and execution of the test. These requirements are present in freestyle dressage to music too but there is a magic ingredient: MUSIC.

Interpretation of the music is key.

How does the rider choreograph the routine?

How does the horse react and move to the music?

Does the audience feel involved with the music?

How does the Judge perceive the music and the presentation?

The Freestyle Dressage to Music team’s objective is to make the design and production stage easy because ultimately we want the performance to be about you and your horse, about your tastes and relationship. We take the stress of production away. We can edit music and advise on choreography and as registered instructors we can help you improve your horse’s way of going. This means you can just enjoy riding to music and joining in with a rapidly developing and crowd pulling sport.

We can create memorable routines that are balanced and pleasing to the eye, introduce you to patterns that keep your audience’s attention and invite the judge to give you high marks.

We believe that freestyle should be accessible to all and look forward to helping new combinations take up the sport.

Freestyle Dressage to Music Team