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Dressage Principles Maintained...

When creating a floor plan and putting it to music one must at all times continue to adhere to the basic principles of dressage and follow the scales of training:

Rhythm, Contact, Suppleness, Impulsion, Straightness and Collection

As music has rhythm so the horses music must have a steady rhythm ensuring the beats per minute of each pace remain consistent and flowing.

As the rider must maintain contact with the horse so the test must remain in contact with its audience.

As the horse should be maintain suppleness so the test should have a fluid supple feel for rider and audience.

As the rider should create impulsion in the horse so the music should work with the rider to enhance this impulsion without being over bearing.

As the horse should move with straightness at all times so the floor plan should work to display this to its best effect.

As the horse develops and gains greater and greater collection so the rider, the music and floorplan should work together in great harmony to make this look easy and flowing.

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