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Our Service

Our aim is to make the design process simple so riders can concentrate on the fun part - the performance!

We want to make freestyle accessible to all and are happy to work with riders on a one to one basis or in a clinic setting. We can offer competitive rates to pony clubbers and riding club members when working in a group. Please call or email us for more details.

We offer a variety of services to promote Freestyle Dressage to Music and to help you get started or improve both your test and your music.

Lecture Demos

The team presents lecture demos that are informative, entertaining and interactive. The display brings together grass roots riders who compete at different levels from pony club to elementary and covers music selection, performance rules and regs made simple, live coaching sessions and freestyle performances.

Music Mixing from £50

We can produce your music routine onto cds for competition or schooling. For this service you will need to provide the team with your nominated tracks and your timings for each segment.

Music Matching from £95

We can create a music routine by selecting music samples which match your horse's musical personality. For this service you will need to provide the team with a video of your floorplan and liase with the team as we work through the selection process to decide what style of music you enjoy riding your horse to.

Freestyle Routine Creation and Production from £140

We can design your complete freestyle routine from floorplan choreography through music matching to producing your music cds. For this service you will need to work with the team in an arena that matches the dimensions of the arena for your target competitions. You will then work with the team to design a floorplan which will be videoed as part of the music matching process and to provide you with a visual record of your choreography. We will also provide you with a detailed floorplan sheet for easy reference to enable you to learn your routine.

The next stage is the music selection and you will liase with the team to make the routine your own. It is so important that the music makes you want to ride to it and that you feel harmony with your horse during the performance.

The final stage provides you with your music cds and performance tips so you are ready to compete.


Freestyle Dressage to Music Team